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Davus Fasciatum – Costa Rican Tiger Rump

Widely popular as the Costa Rican Tiger Rump, Davus Fasciatum is a new world tarantula that’s native to the Costa Rican region. While this spider is unique for its beautiful hue, one of its...


Bolivian Dwarf Beauty (Cyriocosmus perezmilesi)

Native to the region of Bolivia, Cyriocosmus Perezmilesi is a docile and relatively calm tarantula. Widely known as the Bolivian Dwarf Beauty, these species have assumed this name because of their dwarfish structure. To...

Asian Blue Smokey - Chilobrachys sp. Vietnam Blue - Burma Choclate Brown 0

Asian Blue Smokey (Chilobrachys sp Vietnam blue)

Widely popular as the ‘Asian Smokey Earth’, Asian Blue Smokey and the ‘Burma Chocolate Brown’, the Chilobachys Sp Vietnam Blue is a spectacular bird spider that’s native to the Burmese and Malaysian regions. According...