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Pamphobeteus vespertinus Ecuadorian Red Bloom 0

Ecuadorian Red Bloom (Pamphobeteus vespertinus)

Ecuadorian Red Bloom is one of the rarest species of tarantulas. They are shy, semi-aggressive, and widely found in the Ecuadorian regions. This species usually thrives in dry and humid climates with little or relatively less rainfall. However, their...

Orphnaecus sp Blue Panay 2

Blue Panay Tarantula (Orphnaecus sp)

Originating from the Philippines, the Blue Panay is an exotic and extremely rare species of tarantula. Usually arboreal in nature, they can reach a leg span of 7 to 10 cm. One of the...

Grammostola pulchra 0

Tarantula Beginners Guide

Tarantula Housing Tarantulas make great pets. Not only are they beautiful, majestic creatures, they are clean and easy to keep.  Once you have set them up in an appropriate tarantula housing their needs are...