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Kilimanjaro mustard baboon

Summary/Introduction Kilimanjaro mustard baboon is a ground-dwelling, old-world spider. Baboon spiders are known to be African bird spiders (belonging to Harpactirinae, a sub-family of tarantulas). They are not very colorful and don’t grow large in...

Blue Foot Baboon 0

Blue Foot Baboon Tarantula (Idiothele Mira)

The Blue foot baboon tarantula (Idiothele mira) is what could be considered a small and compact old world tarantula. They are solely found in South Africa. It has a very distinct look; notably its...

king baboon tarantula 1

King Baboon Tarantula (Pelinobius muticus)

The King Baboon, or by its scientific name – Pelinobius muticus is the only tarantula of the Pelinobius genus. Mostly its colors are brown – ranging from light brown or even orange to rusty,...